Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Artists Village Blog Tour

The Dotted Swiss Mocha house - part of the Artists Village that Kathy York put together;  it is made with Mistyfused commercial cotton fabrics and Timtex was used as the stabilizer. 

The corrugated roof has loops so it can button onto the house easily.

The cup and saucer is attached with heavy duty red wire from the roof

That's a separating zipper in the corner.  The roof can be unbuttoned, and the panels of the house can be zipped apart, and lay flat,  for easy shipping.

The front door has a red Bakelite button that is surrounded with zipper trim for the window.  Zipper trim also frame the door, and a pull is the door knob.  Blue rick rack borders the door.
Another view with black rick rack around some windows

cup and saucer bouncing out of the roof

This was such a fun project!  Bringing my house, with a cup and saucer, to a new level!


  1. Jamie,
    LOVE your house, especially the photos by the pool. Thanks for adding such a wonderful house to our village!

  2. Lovely house, Jamie. That was just a brilliant execution~congratulations!

  3. Jamie, this house is so much fun. Love the way you did the roof and the saucer. The entire piece is amazing!

  4. Hi Jamie,

    brilliant, just a brilliant piece of creativity. The brighter colors are amazing, its more like my dream house :)

  5. wonderful house - and the tea cup. You have been a busy lady - the house is great

  6. Anonymous6:12 AM

    I like it very much!


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