Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Diamond Lil's Tipsy Tea Party - Part 2

Cups and Saucers were fused directly onto the background with a dry iron. Then free motion zig zagged onto each background square

Add each cup and saucer at an angle so they appear "tipsy" on each square.  Secure with a pin and sew onto the background.

Sewing the zipper trim on with free motion zig zag.  I am not a huge fan of pins, so be careful to place the zipper trim carefully under the felt as it is sewn, moving it into place as you go.

Getting to the corner, placing the next piece of zipper trim under the existing and making the turn with the sewing machine.

See the corner, no overlapping zipper trim.

Cutting the zipper trim off before you get to the end.

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