Saturday, May 07, 2011

My New Best Friends

Havel's Scissors - 45mm Comfort Cutter, 8" Fabric Scissors and 7" Scissors with a serrated blade.  I admit, I am a fussy cutter, in all of my fiber art.  I have used many brands of scissors, but these are the best, because they hug the fabric, so the fabric doesn't flop.  You get just what you wanted.  I can stack up 5-6 pieces of silk and cut small circles.  A time saver.  Plus, my hands for some reason are not aching at the end of the day.  Same with the rotary cutter - comfort - no wrist or finger strain.  I highly recommend them!

Snip-Eze scissors, which look like a surgical tool of sorts.  Great to have at the sewing machine, to clip your threads.

More cutting with silk, cotton and silk chiffon - yes - even chiffon!  Havel's Scissors  hail from Cincinnati, Ohio, and I had the pleasure of going to their booth at the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati and getting an in-depth overview of all of their scissors.  I treated myself to a pair of pinking shears too!

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