Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge - June theme

The Sketchbook Challenge this month, the theme is "Pathways."  I made a little accordion book with tags that you buy at an office supply store.  They are painted with watercolors and then outlined with a Flair pen.  Tags were glued to larger pieces of heavy index paper that were outlined with a variety of designs using Crayons, and then painted with watercolors.
Part of my signature style as a quilt artist is to make houses with cups and saucers on the roofs.  The pathway to a friend's house - 1) Make Time for Art; 2) Peace and Comfort
Pathway to words to live by - 3)  Laughter, 4) Be Bold, Be Strong

5)  Kindness; 6) Love

Pathway to conquer my fears - making it a daily practice  - 7)  Be Brave
This is the back - how I put it together so each page would fold, and stand up by itself.  Leftovers from the backgrounds were folded and glued onto the backs.  I put them inside a heavy book to let them dry, so they would be flat.  Nothing like something pretty for the back!  Make Time for Art!


  1. Jaime, you are my #1 amazing inspiration. Love your June Challenge.

  2. Wow - I love them all! Such vibrancy. I love love love them! X

  3. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Oh Jamie, I LOVE these...Having little words of inspiration is a great idea.
    I saw those tags used in a copy of Cloth Paper Scissors.I am almost finished a Story Book(FABRIC- of course!!), and will post a pic on my Blog this weekend. I wish I was still teaching so I could take it to show children. The tags are going to have "story starters on them..I could use one for personal inspiration cards to be drawn out of pockets...
    Love your inspirational blog Jamie!

  4. These are absolutely beautiful!! ♥


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