Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alexander Henry Fabrics tour

We went on a field trip on the Monday after Festival in Long Beach to Los Angeles.  The best part was visiting Alexander Henry Fabrics.  One of my most favorite fabric companies.  Brother/Sister team Phillip and Nicole De Leon.   I have been using their fabrics for years, and especially in my decoupage work - on suitcases, boxes, purses, etc.  Their fabric has always been a great source of inspiration to me!

Their tagline is "The Fabric of Imagination."  Their drawing room is like a giant playroom with books, toys, fabrics, pillows, quilts, etc. all around several drafting tables and artists drawing and painting their creations.  All their artwork for their fabric lines are hand-drawn! 

They save all of the paint dishes, so that they can duplicate colors, document fabric samples, etc.  These were a feast for the eyes.More paint dishes.  Aren't they beautiful?

Paint tubes from an open drawer from Nicole De Leon's art desk

A bowl of treasures on her desk

This is my favorite fabric right now - from the Larkspur collection.  Wouldn't this make beautiful couches and chairs, with the coordinating fabrics of stripes and polka dots?  I am dreaming of making it come true.
The girls find friends on a shelf in the drawing room

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  1. They are one of my favorite fabric companies too. You lucky girl!


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