Monday, August 29, 2011

Create in Lisle, IL

Sandy Mayfield and Debbie Pine - show off their houses

Part 1 of making the Folding Artists Houses;  Leslie Tucker Jenison and I taught at Create in Lisle, IL over the weekend.  We did an overview of Gelatin Prints, stencils, and then students made their own foam stamps to create houses

more of Part 1 - beautiful, passionate colors!

Samples of Folding Artists Houses that Leslie and I made

The classroom

Student work; they used their own images of windows and doors; fabric base is Hoffman Fabrics hand-dyes

more student work

More...and this student used shipping labels as an extra element


  1. What inspiring collage work. I wish our local shops would offer something a little less traditional like this. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I really love these houses. I bet they were as much fun to make as they are to look at.


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