Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exploring the Apron as Personal Armor

This is a work in progress - exploring the Apron as Personal Armor.  Leslie Tucker Jenison and I are teaching a class at CREATE in Chicago on Thursday, August 25th - "The Apron as Personal Armor."

A patchwork of fun fabrics.  Pockets, giant rick rack, fun and colorful fabrics, grommet trim.  This might become by new "sewing in the studio" apron

The breast plates are circles cut on an Accu-Quilt GO machine, layer upon layer of colorful fabrics and wool felt.  The centers are washed wool strips that have been rolled together and sewn into the center.  They can double as a pin cushion when you are sewing!  Just don't stick them in too far...ouch!


  1. VERY, very cool!! Love the color and the texture you have CREATED!!

  2. Is this the apron I saw under construction at Long Beach in your open studio? I remember the strategically placed pin cushions.

  3. Dear Jamie,
    Your new apron is fantastic and how great that you are redefining the apron for us women of the new century.
    Visually stunning and so very meaningful. Thank you for your work.
    Dana Fisher

  4. I'll bet your aprons will be a hit.

  5. Jammie, love, love, love the heavy metal apron. My husband worked for Talon Zipper Co. until they sold out. I still have some of those old metal zippers.

  6. To steal the title of a favorite British TV show ... Absolutely FABULOUS! (I have a friend who actually uses her stuffed mastectomy bra as a pincushion. It raises eyebrows when she forgets to remove the pins when the doorbell rings! This apron would be ... better ;^)


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