Tuesday, November 01, 2011

IQF - Quilt Scene 2011

On Preview Night of Festival in Houston - go straight to the Quilting Arts booth, to pick up the latest issue of "Quilt Scene."  This magazine only comes out once a year, and it full of amazing projects and prize winning quilts.  If you are not planning to go, you can pre-order the magazine on the Quilting Arts website
The Girls make their debut in this issue and share with you their advice on getting your gal pals together and the adventures that await you at Festival!  Autographs!  Look for them on the show floor!  Also, look for "the girls" in the special exhibit "Eye of the Quilter!"  


  1. Wish I could meet the girls in person. Maybe some day. Until then, have fun!

  2. Hi Jamie, I just won the books from the Sketchbook Challenge! Thanks Jamie and of course, Leslie Tucker Jenison! I'm psyched! Love the site!


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