Tuesday, November 08, 2011


We have a ritual at Festival, when we dine together, that we balance a spoon on your nose.  It may sound silly, but it is really fun and we all enjoy the hilarious laughter and conversation that it creates.  This is Kathy York, an award winning quilt artist, creator of the Artists Village and totally fun person.

Cyndi Souder, the inventor of the Power Suit Challenge

Kathy Lincoln

Lisa Ellis (Sacred Threads, and the amazing on-line entry system for quilt shows)

Leslie Tucker Jenison (curator, fun maker, teacher, writer and partner in crime)

Frances Holliday Alford, the embellishment Queen

Rachel Parris, a totally enthusiastic and willing participant in all of our antics, writer, and the woman who begins each dinner at eight with the official "toast"

Judy Coates Perez, award winning mixed media quilt artist, teacher, writer and can always get a spoon to balance on her nose at every dinner.  Fellow diners - Kathy and Frances doing the balancing act as well.
Napkin head, sporting a spoon, only to realize that the napkin might have needed some 2-sided tape to get the spoon to stick.  LOL

Sue Dennis from Austrailia, who is quite an accomplished art quilter, and teacher.  She totally rose to the challenge at dinner.     
Friday night - some of the artists from Dinner at Eight Artists - and the exhibit The Space Between all had dinner together at Spencer's.  So, the ritual continues with Barb Forrister, Susan Fletcher King and Judy Coates Perez

Susan Brubaker Knapp and Leslie yucking it up

Frances and Susan Brubaker Knapp, while Gerrie Congdon watches in amuzement

Terry Grant!  Her first Festival and the spoon!

Rachel Parris

Judy and Sue

Okay, here is Indigo Perez hanging a spoon on her head in the opposite way - super talented

Susan with a fork and spoon mushtache

Evil eye spooner


  1. Ha! What a fun evening. Thanks for putting the exhibit together and planning the dinner. I am so happy to be a part of it.

  2. It was fun, although I'm not so gret at the spoon thing? Rachel's toast was wonderful, words to live by. Thanks for including me.

  3. I'm so happy to have mastered 'spooning' thanks to coaching from Judy! A great fun time & wonderful to meet so many talented women.

  4. Love it! I must practice my spooning!


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