Monday, November 14, 2011

Teaching in Houston 2011

 Leslie Tucker Jenison's and my dream was to teach at Festival in Houston came true last week, when we taught 2 full day classes.  This is Thursday's class - Musical Chairs - A Painted Canvas Adventure.  Painting in the morning, and using the canvas to cover a journal, art cards, postcards and ATC's

The collaborative painting progress with the addition of white paint

Canvas #1

Canvas #2; both were cut into sections and given to each student in the class
This is a sampling of artful postcards that were made from the canvas

Friday's class - Dreaming in Canvas - A Painted Quilt; students paint in the morning and then make a 12x12 quilt in the afternoon from their sections

Canvas #2

All of our students hands over the painted canvas - a thing of beauty

The canvas and our enthusiastic students
Quilts made from the canvas

A close up of one of the quilts.  More pictures can be seen on the Dinner at Eight Artists blog and Leslie Tucker Jenison's blog.


  1. I think that this is just great work - so creative, and such bold colours!

  2. We saw our students create some beautiful work. It was truly a fun day!


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