Monday, December 05, 2011

B is for Barbie

In the past few months I've made a few Barbie themed books and calendars.  Call me crazy, but Barbie has always been my muse.  I hope I never grow up.  And since I've hit a bump in the road lately, I just thought I would cheer myself up by posting some fun pictures that I've taken of the girls.  Above is my version of Santa Baby Barbie.

The girls are hanging out with Godzilla, which happens to be the first gift my husband ever gave me.  Godzilla lives in my studio and he squeaks.  Okay, we're both weird...I admit it.

Embellishment Barbie

I Can Be an Artist Barbie

Forever Friends and alter ego's of Leslie Tucker Jenison and me

Barbie bracelet - a gift from my friend, Leslie!  Isn't it the greatest! It's made out of a bicycle tire with grommets and a real Barbie head!
This is from an ABC book that I made for Leslie.  Woman Power is from Surviving the Runway in Houston a few years ago, where I was actually a willing participant.

The girls posing by the ABC book, that I made on Shutterfly

"C" is for car trip - get the girls and let's go!  A friend of mine let me borrow this fun Barbie camper from the 60's.

"P" is for Pole Dancing and she's grooving to music on my HandiQuilter!

"Q" is for Quilting Arts

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  1. I still have my #1 first edition Barbie from 1959, not because I am such a big Barbie fan, but because the #1 s are now so valuable that I am holding onto her for a rainy day. I reported on a Barbie that came to a bad end several years ago.


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