Sunday, January 01, 2012

Getting My Mojo Back

I've been cleaning out my parents house for a couple of weeks and came upon this old phone, with their original phone number on it.  I brought it home to see if it would work on our kitchen wall, where there is a phone connection. After some playing around with it, I determined that the hardware is too old for my wall.  I decided to make a piece of lasting art out of it.

Since we have a black and white checked floor in the kitchen, I thought I would follow in that theme.

Added a layer of Gloss Medium to protect the paint.  I am quite happy how it turned out!


  1. What a wonderful idea ..... it looks great!!!!

  2. That's wonderful. I have one exactly the same vintage as yours... Now I know what I'll do if it ever conks out.

    Happy New Year.


  3. Jamie,
    I simply adore what you have done with this old phone. It is gorgeous and a fun project for you!

  4. That is just brilliant!! What a wonderful idea, and a great keepsake, not to mention conversation piece (ha! conversation piece, get it?).. May 2012 bring you much joy, and much success!

  5. Jamie,
    A truly brilliant idea to preserve it at a keepsake.


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