Friday, January 20, 2012

In the Studio

I've had a busy couple of weeks.  Did some reorganizing of every room in my studio to make it more efficient. What do they call that?  Purging.  It felt good to just get all of the fabric that I'll never use, and other things out of my studio.  I had my husband add a 6" higher table top extension to my rolling table, making it design height, not back breaking too low.

Here is another view of it.  The shelf nearest the top stores the dies for the AccuQuilt machine.  One of the best parts of having a table that rolls, is that I can add it to the end of my design table in the other room, to make it even longer, to make way for larger pieces.  Yay!

My design table was clean last week, but I have been creating pieces, that I can't share right now.  What can I say - I am messy and I want everything out there in front of me so I can see all of the possibilities.
The Girls sit on a shelf above my desk - the 3 muses

This is what I call "My Favorite Things" shelf.  Toys, trim, Gumby, Godzilla, cards, skulls and more to inspire me

This is what is coming up.  I need to practice free motion machine quilting on my HandiQuilter Avante.  I dug out some of the quilt tops that I have collected over the years.  This is one (above) that I actually made years ago, for what was going to be a duvet cover, but got bored sewing the seams.  Another reason why I became a "rebel" quilter.

This is an old log cabin, one of my favorite traditional quilt patterns.  I don't much like the middle brown square, but think I will update it with a small house in each of those squares - fused on.  And then I can FMQ it on Big Bessie.

Here is another old quilt, where I bought some antique squares and then added the sashing and sewed them altogether, and frankly, did a terrible job, as there are tucks and big wrinkles in weird places.  I think this will need some circles cut on the AccuQuilt machine to jazz this up, and to cover up the "what was I thinking?" errors.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for sharing your studio photos, in the process of cleaning out my work room too. How do you like your HandiQuilter Avante? Someday I would like to get a long arm. I think I should dig my Barbie out of my trunk, it's from the 60's...

  2. Thanks for posting your studio pictures. I love your painted dress form! You have a fun, colorful space for making your delightful creations.

  3. Thank you so much! I haven't sewn on the Avante yet, but it may get a work out in the coming weeks. I am anxious to make a new piece and just go for it. I can't imagine how it will change the way I work!


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