Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Work in Progress

I am designing a series of different size art quilts using a sheer with burn out circles.  The materials include silk, cotton, sheers, paper, and one Batik.  12 x 14.5

This one has more silk, with a few more colors, one commercial cotton, and a bit of surface design and measures 16 x 16

Then, I was thinking about adding a word to the small quilts, and pinned it into place.
The two small quilts are reminding me of another quilt "Foot Traffic" because I used bright silks and text.  This is a portion of the quilt, which is part of my Doc Marten "Underfoot" series.
I think they sort of go together.  My eye is moving from each quilt to the other.  There are circles in the boot quilt, so there is movement and interest. A spark of an idea can come to life. Who knows what will become of this, but I am having fun putting these projects together.  Contemplation is always fun in art!  
Then I decided to make a larger one that is more like the two smaller ones, after removing the text.  Did I mention that using Mistyfuse on silk is divine!

A more close up view of the larger quilt, and it is partially quilted, and far from done.  My quilting has an organic design with vines, leaves and circles.


Another view


  1. These quilts are really fabulous! I love the addition of a word or phrase.

  2. The colors really pop!

  3. Love the quilts, the circles and colours are fabulous.


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