Sunday, March 04, 2012


I love these kitchen tools that remind me of my youth.  The slotted spoon that is missing the end of the handle, the old potato masher, the can opener from Cone Chevrolet, where my Grandpa worked and the Revere Ware pan.  Memories of the kitchen in our house.

One of the bittersweet things I did this week was cleaning out my mom's sewing desk, which I am sure was a combination of things that are hers and things that belonged to my Grandma, who taught me how to sew.  Thimbles, snaps, one of my Grandma's woven labels, a seam ripper, and great little 'how to' books. 

The scissor collection.  Gained two pairs of pinking shears, which are probably my most favorite, and one was still in the box!

Some of my dad's old tools with wood handles

And look at this carved handle on the saw, keys and two oil cans, which my sister and I are both happy about, so we can each have one.  Great garage memories of my dad.


  1. Wow Jamie! That's a bunch of cool gadgets and other stuff! I can imagine how special it all is to you.

    I have an old potato masher in my drawer like that one except mine is red where yours is blue, and the paint is peeling which makes it all the more charming to me.

    I grew up with Revere ware too, and we had a pan like that one. I loved it so much that I bought myself a set of three saucepans about 20 years ago. I use them every day.

    Thanks for sharing your cool old stuff!

  2. It's so wonderful that you are photographing mementos. powerful stuff. thank you!


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