Thursday, April 05, 2012

inspiration in unexpected places

Painted wall in Cucina enoteca, in Irvine Spectrum.  There are small ropes hanging down from ceiling and down about five feet below the painting.  The colors, textures and movement are truly inspirational.  I was an awe when I walked in the door to have dinner with friends.

And here is what is hanging at the end of those small ropes - wooden shoe forms

This is an overall shot of the restaurant. 

This is one of the tables.  Truly rustic, colorful and fun.  And the food was absolutely amazing!

They have a separate area just to drink wine.
A menu on a painted canvas at the Old Vine Cafe in The Camp in Costa Mesa.  It was truly a unique and wonderful breakfast with my family.  Every canvas with a menu on it was different - such a clever idea!

Mail boxes with restaurant menus enclosed for all of the restaurants in The Camp

Raised box ponds in and around the restaurants and stores

Ceiling greens in the Seeds store

Great sign in the Seeds store.  The store has this really comfortable and awe inspiring look about it and I could have spent hours here looking at everything.  They had great yoga clothes, jewelry, shoes, cards, books and unique gifts.  Found a pair of Doc's that were made out of linen and a cute floral print.  May have to go back!


  1. I've eaten at Old Vine Cafe twice on my way to San Diego and loved it.


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