Saturday, April 14, 2012

Prayer Flags

I've been making prayer flags as a way to work through the grief of losing both of my parents in the last four months.  It has been quite therapeutic to make small pieces of art, that hang in my studio as a source of healing and inspiration.

To view the prayer flags up close and personal, click on this link to The Prayer Flag Project.  It is a wonderful project, and I hope you will make a flag of your hopes and dreams, and contribute your own works of art and inspiration.  Instructions are on the blog. 


  1. What a great project - I love how prayer flags can have an impact far beyond their physical size. I'm definitely going to create a flag for the project.

    the Art of Inclusion

  2. What a great way to process your grief, reflect on your parents, and create an artful memory.

  3. Im glad youve had something to concentrate your grief on. I hope you are able to go from strength to strength, and cherish all your wonderful memories.
    The flags are smashing!

  4. I'm so sorry to read about the loss of your parents. Your flags are wonderful ... art truly does heal.


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