Friday, April 20, 2012

Pushing Myself

Today, I am going to conquer my fears and free motion machine quilt this long and narrow piece on my HandiQuilter Avante.  I've read all of the instructions and watched the DVD, so I think I am ready.  Love the quote 'Do something that scares you everyday."  It took me a couple of days to fuse this piece.  I know I could have used something from the throw away pile, but why waste something?  I can use this for another project that I am working on with 5-1/2" and 11" squares.

Another view. The machine has been installed in my studio since mid-November.  Then my dad died, and my world changed, adding to moving my mom to an assisted living facility and then her passing less than a month ago.  So, I haven't really had time to get back on the horse, and teach myself how to use this amazing machine.
And, I am sewing!  Had a couple of glitches - didn't thread the machine correctly the first time, bobbin was a little weird, but then I was sewing right along.  It kept coming un-threaded, so that is an issue to work out.  The troubleshooting in the instruction book, has been helpful.  I need to just sit down and figure it out. 
I like the fact that it sews pretty darn fast.  I can see that I am going to need to buy the Micro Handles for detail work.  but, whoohoo!  I can see the possibilities of making larger work, and winding it onto the frame to quilt. 


  1. Vrmmm vrmmmm! Have fun, Jamie!

  2. Good for you! You'll be a pro with it in no time...have fun!

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. Good for you! One of my favorite quotes (a book title) is "Feel the fear and do it anyway."

  5. Back on the horse. Hurrah! Visit me some time at Talk Is Cheap Quilts!

  6. Good for you! We still need to find an open weekend to go to that HQ workshop...


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