Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

With love and remembrance on Memorial Day.  My Dad, Marshall Styll served in the Navy, as a radio operator on the USS New Mexico.
Please consider making a patriotic house quilt for The Wounded Warrior Battalion in Southern California.  The house quilts with an American Flag measure 12" wide by 16" high.  The House Quilt Project is an on-going collaboration with artists and Furnishing Hope.  Click on the link to go to the blog to learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference by touching the life of an American soldier

and there are 16 ways to honor the military on Memorial Day

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  1. I've just hopped across to your blog. Scanning down through the photos, came across one, went past.....whizzed back oh my could be my dad's twin! And my dad was a radio operator in the Royal Navy during WW2. They really could be twins! (I know they aren't, don't worry!)
    But my heart nearly stopped.

    On another topic altogether - I love your quilts and colourful blog. I was a Girl Guide and a Guide Captain twenty years ago - or Unit Leader, as they call them nowadays. What an incredible worldwide Movement it is!


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