Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Purple House - Part 9 - Quilting!

Let the games begin!  The purple house is ready to be quilted.  Since my long arm is occupied with another quilt, I am going to quilt this on my Bernina,  The quilt is 24" wide by 60" long.  The word unwieldy is coming to mind.

I have rolled up the lower portion so that I can sew over the top of the house, and there is nothing fancy at this point.  Just sewing the house down, with free motion machine quilting in the straight stitch, as well as, the zig zag.

As I sew, I am thinking in my mind of the way I will quilt the sky, vines and flowers.  I think it would be so cool to write 'wishes' with my sewing machine needle on the vines.  A girl can dream.
Stitching the bird and from here I will start on the background in and around the upper portion of the quilt.  Most of my backgrounds are very organic with leaves and vines.

You can see here, from the back how the free motion machine quilting is coming along


  1. Your free motion quilting is wonderful! I am a novice machine quilter - the control is improving, but I am hard-pressed to figure out the free flowing designs like yours!

  2. Love the quilt and quilting!

  3. I've enjoyed watching you make this quilt. The colors are fabulous! I just love it!

  4. Your quilting is beautiful- I'm still learning and hope one day to have mine look so nice. Love the house and the story behind it.


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