Thursday, May 24, 2012

When it just doesn't work!

I am working on a commission, and this is the fabric for the background...the sky.  And I might add, that this is traditionally the way I make all of my backgrounds for whimsical art quilts.  With mostly Hoffman Batiks.  It has been Mistyfused, and cut into 6-9 inch panels, for the AccuQuilt cutting machine.
I can load about 5 pre-fused pieces at a time, then roll the cutting plate, and cushion through the machine.  The template cuts 8 at a time, per fabric sheet.  So, I am cutting about 40 squares at a time.
Here are my 2" squares
Also in the background are bunting flags.  My client provided the fabric for these.
Let the line-up begin.  I am not aiming for it to be perfect, and I don't really care if the edges on the next row match up with the top row.  I am aiming for color and contrast here.  I want the background to be interesting.
The bunting added to the background, and not all pressed into place, except for the top row.  Oh my...way too busy.  Usually, I take alot of picture of my work as I go, to make sure that the colors work.  I didn't even have to get out my camera to know, that this was not going to work.  That phrase "resting your eyes" popped into my head.  I can save this background for a future art quilt.  Another great thing about Mistyfuse, is that your work can be repositioned, when it's fabric to fabric.  The top bunting was easy to remove and didn't leave residue on the background.
Game change to a blue batik, and it really sets off the bunting flags.  I will post how I made this art quilt, and you'll be able to see the finished masterpiece, in about mid-June.


  1. Thanks! I have a high tolerance for "busy." But I need to learn more about resting places for the eyes. Good reminder.

  2. It's a good thing you didn't iron them down on the busy background without taking a good look! I'm sure the client will be very happy with your final decision.


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