Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Studio Space - Whoohoo!

I have been looking for months for a new studio space, that is one large room with a concrete floor.  They are really hard to find in Orange.  And a place where my friends can come and sew, have SAQA meetings on a weekend, and perhaps have a small gallery show.  When I came upon this unit, tucked behind a retail strip center in Orange, I was totally caught off guard that this even existed.  The minute I walked through the door, I knew this unit would be the right fit for me.  It's close to home, and I could even ride my bike there, but who am I kidding?

There are four units in a row, and all occupied by artists.  The front units are retail with warehouse attached.  I mean - how cool is that to be with other artists?  A dream come true! My unit is on the end "V" for victory!  I can't wait to move in. It will be the perfect space for my HandiQuilter Avante, and I'll be able to access all sides of it.   Can't move till August, but I will be ready, because my studio is half-way packed right now.

This is how long it is - 50 feet.  And 20 feet wide.  One bathroom with a toilet and a sink.  I can add an industrial sink if I do desire!  I am imagining all of the possibilities of having so much room.  I am sure much singing, dancing and yoga will be happening here.  1000 square feet.  I am having fun deciding where to place everything in the studio, and have a seating area too (I will have to dig out all of the "Studios" issues that I have to research.  There is no place for anyone to sit in my current studio.

This is the back, and the very nice roll-up door, which will provide more light and air to my studio.  Industrial units have no a/c or heat.  I bought a nice tower fan to cool me off during the hot days in the summer.
And the front and back doors have scissor doors that come together in the middle and lock into place, allowing me to roll up the door, open the front door, for cross ventilation and still be secure.  I am smiling just thinking how great it will be to move in and do what I love, Monday through Friday, in my "dream" space!


  1. How fun for you and your friends! Enjoy this new space. :-)

  2. So exciting! I'm sure your mind is whirling with all the decorating possibilities. I'm going to keep an eye out for the "gallery shows" since I get over to Orange a couple of times a year. Congratulations!

  3. Jamie, I just came across this post with lots of studios and thought of you. They're quite amazing.

  4. wow!! it looks and sounds perfect!! woohoo!

  5. Congratulations Jamie! I think the best part of new studios is planning where everything will go. Enjoy!

  6. Congrats! Looks like a great space to create and connect. What fun!


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