Monday, June 18, 2012

A Wedding Quilt Commission

A Wedding Quilt Commission; drawing out my pattern based on the head shots of the bride and groom.  Instructions were to be fun and whimsical.  The bride is quite artsy and had made a very clever and whimsical save the date card, that I used for my inspiration.  The client provided fabrics for the flag bunting, that were going to be used for decor at the wedding, and a color scheme.

I enlarged their heads on my ink jet color copier, and then transferred the images to fabric.  From this, I made a pattern of their clothes, that I could use when I pieced them back together.

Dividing the two in half, I now have a pattern in which to cut out their clothing.  And these are the fabric selections, that have been fused with Mistyfuse.

I built them on a Goddess Sheet, made by Mistyfuse.  Then I could move them later to the actual background.  There is a post-it-note piece under his cuff, where his hand will go later.
Bunting flags, bride and groom on the background.  The art quilt is 18" wide by 26" high.

Adding some whimsical flowers on the sides for balance.

The wedding date, needed to be thick-sided, so that I could write words on them.  I made several attempts to get the size just right.

Then I traced the text onto the fabric, with the help of my light box.  This is a great tool in the studio.

The client wanted for me to include some of the couples interests, so I wrote them inside the lettering with a Pentel Fabric Pen.  It writes like butter on fabric.

The bride is wearing a 3-tiered dress, with chiffon over the bottom two tiers.  The fabric for the wedding dress was a great find at my local quilting store - it had beautiful monograms and samplers.  The second tier of her dress, has an "M" on it (for her first name).  You can barely see it, but it is there.  I thought it was a nice touch.
The free motion machine quilting, all done in black, because that is the only thread color that I use.  You are probably asking yourself, why?  It is like a line drawing, you know...with a black outline, just the way that I draw my art.

The year with their interests and free motion machine quilted
Free motion quilting on the background, flags and flowers.

Their hands, delicately cut with Havel's precision scissors, fused, free motion machine quilted, with a layer of chiffon over the top to protect the fingers.  This is where Mistyfuse earns its stripes, because the fusing disappears when ironed, and you have this wonderful adhesion and protection of the chiffon.

and they lived happily ever after!


  1. I love this. I have been experimenting with ways to create "real" whimsical people. Seeing your process really helped with some ideas. You are the whimsy queen. Where do you find that graph paper?

  2. I love this, also! It is wonderful!

  3. Fantastic! I love the black thread stitching which you do in your quilts.

  4. What a charming wedding commemoration gift. And I love the writing IN the writing!

  5. This is and whimsical! I wouldn't have thought of quilting it in black, but it is so perfect for this quilt.

  6. I love that they're dancing - they look energized, light hearted and happy! Bet it was a great wedding too.

  7. I loved it as well. Thanks for telling us how you made it.

  8. Adorable! You put so much thought into the details how could they not love it:)


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