Monday, July 02, 2012

Art Business Strategies eBook by Quilting Arts

Hot, off the computer, a new eBook from Quilting Arts/Interweave -  Art Business Strategies by Jane Davila, who has an on-going column in the magazine about business...

and I am thrilled that my article about How to Objectively Price Your Art Quilts is included, as a bonus article!  Click here for details on downloading the eBook for only $9.95.  The article was a collaboration with a group of fabulous artists from 2006 in Quilting Arts Magazine.  I had the honor to work with Pamela Allen, Anne Copeland, Peg Keeney, Holly Knott, Jeri Riggs and Michelle Verbeeck.

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  1. That sounds like a good book for a lot of crafters. Pricing is always the hardest thing to do. I haven't sold this year, taking a break and working on my health, but I see so many people selling things so low on ebay, it is sad to see them create such beautiful things and not get bids.



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