Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Girls Help Setup for Festival

Here we are hanging out with the configuration for the special exhibit "Rituals" - while the committee hang the show!

An entire box of empty light boxes were absolutely too hard to resist playing in

and hiding in

our human labels for our quilts in "Rituals."  and Leslie go a new do with streaks in her hair, and leather pants.  She traded her tiara for a smashing silver necklace
another temptation, playing in the artists village, which is part of tactile architecture - this is my house

sitting on the roof holding onto the teacup handle

sitting on frances holliday alford's house - isn't it a work of art?

Okay, the tree was just asking to be climbed in the artists village

Leslie is behind me on the roof of her house, and I'm sitting on the roof of judy coates perez's house with the bird!  Hope to see you at Festival in Long Beach - July 26-29th.  There is a picture of us hanging in 'Eye of the Quilter."  Step by the special exhibit "Rituals" and the "Artists Village" and the SAQA exhibitions!  It's going to be a great show!

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