Thursday, August 09, 2012

Clean Up on Aisle 5

This corner area has been designated as the 'storage' area.  That is something I am going to miss in my former studio, having a storage room.  Another way to look at it, is that I am a very visual person, so having everything out in the open can and will be a good thing.

Two chef shelves from my good friend, Ann Crane, who delivered them to me in her van.  How nice is that?  Super wonderful.  I thought that I would screw off the feet of these and add wheels, but I could not remove them, even after many tries with wd40, pliers and elbow grease.  They are a perfect fit in this space.

I moved my computer unit to the wall, because the glare on the screen from the truck door being open was bothersome.  This worked out well.  A bit of a challenge with a Laser Color printer and an ink jet copier, with the plugs and all, but this will work.

The mixed media area, where potentially, I could teach classes, have some friends over to make art or share a meal together. That canvas cover needs some paint on it!
Giant design and cutting table almost clean and ready to get busy with a project!

Things are shaping up.  Ann also gave me the vintage wire rack on the left, that I put my books, and DVD's on.
Looking into the room from the front.  Thankfully, there was a slight breeze today, which saved me from the heat wave we are having.

This could be my most favorite shelving that Ann gave me, and it will be my project sorter.  I lined the baking sheets with butcher paper and laid out each project on a tray.  This is quite fun and it's on wheels. I imagine rolling it all over my studio for this or that.
This is how I will organize my fabrics.  It is 2 sided and is on wheels.  This is my plan - to have all of my fabric loaded onto these shelves.  I have 2 more coming from my daughter's apartment in LA. I haven't decided where they will stand, but I am sure something will click in my mind eventually.
This is the front of the studio that needs work, but I am going to take a break to sew some things tomorrow, instead.  I am so excited to make some art, sew and sing loudly to the music on my iPod.

The other side of the mess, but not so bad.  I am hoping to make this gallery space.


  1. It is funny how a big room gets smaller as we add more of our supplies and stash, lol. I love the way you decorated though and the fun touches with the furniture.


  2. This post really inspires me! I have all my fabric, yarn, polymer clay, paints, etc. out in my casita which is really perfect except...there's way to much "extra" stuff out there, too. I'm going to really purge as soon as it gets a bit cooler here in Las Vegas. Melody at Fibermania just posted her reorganized studio, too, and I really want a neat clean space to work in.
    Thanks for the motivational post!

  3. Great workshop, looks like a wonderful place to hang out. Like the baking sheets and shelf. Did I miss a post about your armoire? Please post some more pictures.

  4. I can't wait to see your new space in person! That new red&white sofa is about the happiest thing I've ever seen! Woo Hoo! Perfect with the newly painted chairs.
    Love what I am seeing here.
    Congrats on the new space. You will certainly make a lot of creative juice flow in here!

  5. Just Love watching the progress of your new are seriously getting me motivated to work on my space (ok.."thinking" about being motivated is more the truth - lol).Doing Great!!!


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