Sunday, August 05, 2012

Day 2 of Move-In

This is the mixed media area of my studio, at the back, by the roll-up door.  Everything that I need will be at my fingertips, and I had no idea how many supplies I have for paint, paper, books, stamps, stencils, until I got it all in one room.  This area will be a nice place for friends to gather and make art, or have a meal together.

My computer and printers.  A slim area, but I am not planning on spending very much time in this section, except to download pictures, blog and iTunes.

I was surprised that my very old Ikea bookshelves survived the move.  I kept envisioning them in the dumpster when the movers pulled out the 2x4's that were smooshing them together. 

The design table is now twice as large, and on bed-risers, so I won't hurt my back.  With hopes of making a large quilt!  Yahoo!

This is where Bertha will go (HandiQuilter Avante).  She needs alot of room, and I need to get around her.

My Bernina and other machines will be in this area.  I am excited about having alot of wall space.  There are more wire chef racks on wheels coming, that will hold the bulk of my fabric, storage and whatever else.  I'll be able to roll them around the space, depending on what I am doing.

The wall to the right will be full of artistic inspiration.  My painted and decoupaged clock was the first thing that I hung on the wall.  I am going to have a sitting area in this area, with a couch, chairs, coffee table (still looking for one), and my Keurig will go here, as well as, a little frig.
The view looking in from the front door.  So far, so good.


  1. Everything is looking great, and nice to have more space, especially for cutting and piecing.


  2. This is SO exciting! Please keep posting photos as you get set up. To have everything out in such a large space will almost seem like working in your favorite shop or boutique! It seems like it will be so inspiring and enjoyable. Maybe even hard to leave at the end of the day!

  3. Wow your space is looking great! And filling up fast :)

  4. Wonderful space! Design wall??

  5. Where are the girls???


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