Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The dress is moving along.  The zipper trim is slowly being sewn onto the wool felt foundation, by machine - free motion machine zig zag to be exact.  The goal is for the needle and the zipper not to come in contact with one another.

Woot!  There is success in the making of the skirt!  I am really happy with how it looks.  Now onto the background, for fabrics that will set the dress off the best.

The red collage pieces, are from another project, in the leftover bin.  I like this look, but it will take more time to recreate this look.  The black and white polka dot is too much.  The main focus has to be the dress, and not the background.

Here's a piece of fabric from The Sewing Party store in Laguna Hills, California.  Their booth was my daily stop at the Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA.  I will be using it for another project, not this one.  It doesn't do anything for my dress.

Going back to my original idea of the fabric collage background, which will set off the dress in the way that I want.  And it is time consuming to create, but so was the dress, so it all works out.

I am having a major 'ah ha' moment here.  I am thrilled at the way it looks!  You can click on any photo to see it larger.  Now onto cutting the edges and free motion machine quilting the background, and then the dress.  Whoohoo!  I am that much closer to my goal of 4 pieces for this collection.


  1. Fabulous, Jamie! Love the dress quilt!

  2. Oh, the making, the making. I swear it's the best part. Terrific!

  3. Thanks for sharing your steps. Love the collage backgrounds and that the edge is not straight. The dress floats on this background and has a 3D look. Too much fun!

  4. I think I spend more time thinking and trying ideas out, then in the actual sewing of my projects, lol. It is the fun part, and I see you have found a wonderful background for your dress.


  5. Love this project.... It is coming out great!

  6. And to think all this time I thought I would see this dress on YOU! Looks wonderful, as usual!


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