Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The LBD in the Making

The Little Black Dress on the left is getting the red collaged background fused into place in and around the dress.
My theory is 'why waste fabric' underneath something, when you can just place it in and around?

I am free motion machine quilting the red background, and not intensely, because more will be added when the dress is sewn on.  But, I am careful to get the edges that will be close to the dress sewn down

A quick 'press' of the red background.  My goal is to have a 'flat' quilt.

Cutting the edges of the quilt, slightly larger than 36x48, because quilts actually shrink during the free motion quilting process
I am backing my quilt with red wool blended felt, that is cut larger than the front

More pressing before I lay down the dress

Positioning the dress into place, I can see if I missed any areas with the red

Adding a piece of fabric to cover up the black felt.  This might not matter in some cases, but since there is a contrast between the red and the black, I felt it was rather important to fill in the spaces.
It is coming together. 

Free motion zig zagging the outside edges of the dress to the background.  I am sewing through three pieces of wool blended felt

Continuing with sewing the sections of black and white fabric together, and then free motion quilting each section from side to side.
Press, making sure that I don't burn any of the trim that I used.  The background felt is trimmed and then it's ready to go.

The finished piece 18"wide by 36" high - The Little Black Dress


  1. What a wonderful finish. I've so enjoyed watching the evolution!

  2. Love seeing your process and how you don't waste.
    I love piecing scraps together for backgrounds.


  3. I love watching all of this!
    So, no binding? I just finished 2 small wallhangings and was thinking of just zig-zaging the edges. I hate having to do the binding.


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