Friday, November 02, 2012

Festival and Halloween

Leslie Tucker Jenison wins top award in Digital Imagery for her art quilt "Amsterdam Alley>"  So thrilled for her!  As each top award is given (first place), their quilt magically appears on the side walls.  It is stunning to see.

Here is Leslie standing beside her award winning quilt!  Yay!

In her glory, surrounded by people who want to hear all about her quilt!

Vivika DeNegre (Quilting Arts) and Leslie

me standing by my art quilt "The Mother of Girl Scouts" that was included in the Girl Scout exhibit, celebrating 100 years of GS.  Pretty cool.  This quilt was originally part of the "I Remember Mama" exhibit.
Halloween witches

Dinner at 8 and Halloween - Rachel Parris

Lyric Kinard, Rachel Parris, Judy Coates Perez, Frances Holliday Alford, Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Toasting Strong Women

I have such creative friends, as Rachel models the newest design in eye patches

Spoon-ooo-logy with Rachel, Judy and Frances

Michele Muska brought us all body parts for the center of the table.  She is pictured at the right

body parts

Leslie in all her finery and her matching Barbie

Connie Hudson, Hoodie, Michele Muska and Jeannie Moore

Jeannie, me and Leslie


  1. You dinner group always looks like they are having a blast. So nice to have good friends to hang out with!

  2. The pictures came out great Jaime! It looks like you guys were having a great time and the illustrations for the festival look amazing as well.


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