Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Ever-Changing Studio, which is half the fun!

For those of you who are visiting me for the first time...welcome!  My studio is in an industrial park, and I have one big room to spread out my art life.  A friend came to visit me and see my studio over the weekend.  She said that she needed to see a view from the front to the back and vice versa, to get a perspective of what the space looks like.  So, this is taken from standing by the front door, into the studio

Looking from the back of the studio, to the front.  I am still working on getting all of the boxes off the floor.
Front left side.  This wall needs some artwork or perhaps a large painted flower.

Front right side

Looking into the seating area, which might be expanded.  The metal rack is on it's way out.
The seating area

I turned around my design table and moved it down about four feet closer to the entrance.  Using sticky back velcro, I attached this black fabric around the table to hide the storage.

The back room is now larger, having moved the shelving forward.  I moved my painting table that is wheels to this area

You can see how much larger this area is now

Now, the red cart remains in this area.  I still have boxes to go through and get rid of, but that is a slow process

From the design table looking at the front door
I am still on the fence about moving the clothes lines to the front wall of my studio, because I want to make the black design wall wider, and then add another design wall in white, for photography.  I do love how this looks though, as it breaks up the space a bit with color.

Or I could just make them shorter on each side, and have the white design wall be, where the floor lamp and black bookcase are now.  I could move the paper inspiration board to the back room, over my computer.
Here's the front wall, so I could easily add the other clothe lines to this wall and have it go from side to side, which is about 25 feet

My computer area, with the shelves on the right, instead of the left, opening up the back portion of the space


  1. I love seeing these pics!! How about making the blank wall the Girl Scout corner. The big piece in the 7th photo and the one up on the shelf are adorable and I know you have more.
    LOL. I know you're not looking for suggestions but ...When I saw the big piece behind the other stuff it just "struck me".

  2. Lookin good in there! Way to go, Jamie!

  3. What an incredible amount of space.Is it seperate from your house? I have been thinking a studio away from home might encourage me to be more focused. Thanks for sharing.


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