Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Power of 12 on 12/12/12

Share the Joy of Handmade Art with Collections of 12 Things that relate with Art; this day is unique 12/12/12, and will never come around again in our lifetime. 
12 Handmade Foam Stamps

12 Size 8 Perle Cotton Balls

12 Paint Brushes

12 Zippers

12 Spools of Aurifil Thread

12 Packages of Mistyfuse

12 Polka Dot Fabrics

12 Art Quilts

12 Pairs of Scissors

12 Drawings of Memories from My Childhood

12 Pens

12 Positive Affirmations
you can visit The Sketchbook Challenge for more Collections 
Leslie Tucker Jenison
Pat Sloan
Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Lisa Chen
Sue Bleiweiss 
Candy Glendening


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  3. .....apparently I REALLY love your twelves...!

  4. Love the memory tags, what a cute idea!

  5. Awesome twelves. I love the positive affirmations. Wouldn't have thought of including those but they are very much a great part of art! Thanks for including my blog.


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