Friday, January 18, 2013

A Small House Quilt - How To

Artwork to be auctioned at the SAQA Conference in Santa Fe, NM.  Studio Art Quilt Associates for quilt artists, fiber artists, textile artists.  You should think about joining, if you haven't already!  Click here to visit SAQA.   The call is for art that is 6 x 8, matted, with an opening of 6.5 x 4.5, with plans to make a small house quilt, completely out of Mistyfused scraps.

So, I made a paper mat, just like the size that a volunteer from SAQA will be using, once it is received.  I wanted to make sure my subject was secluded to inside the mat.  The fabrics were fused onto a piece of black wool blended felt

Building the house

Adding the roof

Using a Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric, I added the window frames and door.
Cutting out leaves, can be stacked with 5 pieces of fabric and then cut with these terrific fussy cutting scissors from Havel's

Tree added

Measuring tape on the lower portion

My house looks great in the frame!
Red wool blended felt added for the backing

Free motion machine quilted, and this is what it looks like without the mat frame.

The back of the house quilt, so you can see the free motion machine quilting

Pressing it flat with my iron

Trimming the backing with a rotary cutter and ruler

Add a fabric label and cut it with pinking sheers, so it won't come off, at all

My frame guide with my little  "Home" quilt.  SAQA will be framing each piece of art with a mat and clear bag for easy viewing at the Conference.


  1. Adorable! I was waiting for the JF touch and there it was with the measuring tape. I'm in Orange this weekend. We're going up to West Hollywood so see a play starring Leslie Jordan today and then to the bead show in Pasadena tomorrow!

  2. Simply adorable ... of course!

  3. Great tutorial and thanks for the view of the back. I always love seeing the back so I can see the quilting. Very cute!

  4. Wonderful tutorial, Jamie!

  5. nice Jamie- I loved the tape- a Jamie touch for sure!

  6. Sweet piece - good job, Jamie!


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