Friday, February 15, 2013

Rebel Quilting and a Give-Away

1)  My DVD - Rebel Quilting - Thinking Outside the Block - where you will learn all about my favorite tools, how I work, and how to make this abstract art quilt and working with trim!
2)  Quilting Arts Fall 2012 Issue, includes an article in the Toolbox about Havel's Scissors

A page out of Quilting Arts Fall 2012 issue, with my favorite Havel's scissors!
3) Havel's Scissors - click here to go to their website
Quilting Daily - click here to go to their website to learn more about the Give-Away!  Vivika DeNegre will select 3 winners from the comments on their site on Wednesday, February 20th.  Now go there and write your comment about what project you would make first with a pair of these amazing scissors!


  1. Jamie, so glad you're feeling so good and healing so fast!
    I've been fusing a lot lately and sometimes get a frayed edge...seems to happen most when I stitch to close to an edge. I'm wondering if you can recommend a small, sharp Havel scissor to use to trim that tiny fray. I haven't found any when I'm out and about that are sharp enough and small enough. I'd also like to use them for when I stitch too far away!

    1. I would recommend Havel's 5-1/2" curved tip embroidery and sewing scissors and Havel's 4-3/4" Snip-Eze embroidery scissors. Both are excellent at snipping loose threads.

      and thank you for your kind words about my healing from surgery!

  2. Thanks, Jamie. I had ordered some snips after reading one of your earlier posts but ordered the blunt edge ones. I love them but now I've ordered the 5 1/2 curved tipped embroidery scissors because they look like they have a finer, sharper tip and that's what I think I need.
    Thanks again for your suggestions.
    P.S. would this be a good time to write about why you like Misty Fuse better than WonderUnder? :)

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