Monday, March 11, 2013

In the Garden

I have had the pleasure to work in the garden for the past two weekends.  It has been exhausting, but oh so rewarding  to be outside and one with nature.

The Wisteria is blooming all over the patio roof and is so fragrant, when you walk outside

I plan to be sitting in that blue chair soon, when I get rid of the barbaric boot

New planter, that my husband built, just for Sweet Peas, my most favorite flower

My flower cutting garden, and the Hollyhocks are pretty prolific this year

A view of the Wisteria from another angle

Islandic Poppies in a window box

Herb garden

Raised beds that my amazing husband built!

Another view, with the pool in the background.  Happy Gardening!


  1. I love your garden...out here in Maine, I can only dream of such for at least a couple more months!!

  2. Oh so pretty! Wisteria is one of my favorites. I hope it grows in FL!

  3. I love your garden....what a great idea the raised garden beds.......and those bird houses look fantastic......Cathy

  4. beautiful and I adore those raised beds right outside the window so you can enjoy them from the inside too. Brilliant!

  5. your garden looks lovely... I am getting the planting urge with sun shine here,,, but know that we still can have frost.. What I miss most are the bougainvilleas of So. Cal. I have a small one that has to come in and soon it will be able to go out side.. I took it out to the sun yesterday and forgot to bring it in ... this morning I have some brown leaves,,, hope it is not hurt.... My favorite is also the sweet peas.. I have some starting from last years dropped seeds. I also plant English peas. Only place to get them fresh is from a garden! Enjoy!

  6. Oh your garden looks wonderful and so many beautiful, colourful flowers! We only have snowdrops here so far and it has been frosty again the last few mornings. Roll on Spring!


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