Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pages from My Sketchbook

This is a Moleskin Storybook sketchbook.  A few of my favorite things:  safety pins, snaps, washers and buttons!


and the March theme for The Sketchbook Challenge is 'natural surfaces.'  Since I am basically a whimsical artist, and not a realist, the left side is 'natural,' and the right are my imaginary surfaces.  What's inside your sketchbook?


  1. You will laff...I have been collecting safety pins off Vera Wang clothing at Kohls...yes i bought them first lol...but always an incentive to buy Vera Wang..funky looking in an antique finish...have five of them...a good reason to search the sales racks!!

  2. you are really keeping busy,, love the dresses also... Your ankle looks like it is healing beautifully, so excited to see that you have done so well,,, have lots of people sending blessing for your recovery.. Keep up the good outgoing art, you are in inspiration! Love your art.


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