Monday, April 01, 2013

20 Dresses - Part 2

I free motion machine quilted each dress and hanger into place - one by one

and keeping them in order

18 down, 2 to go - yay!

Stacked up, from the top  - left to right, and tied in a bow, so they would not move

Since I was working at home, and didn't have a place to lay out the sections, I made a button shape master, so that I wouldn't duplicate the same shape up, down, and sides
Buttons sewn, and all wrapped up for the next step

The button box and needles.  I love long needles for hand sewing!


  1. Your button master reminds me of a sudoku puzzle. I've never been very good at those but it looks like you are! Beautiful piece!

  2. Lo ve the little dresses

  3. I love this dress project Jamie! It rocks!
    Have a creatabulous day!

  4. Hmm, I was trying to get 2' x 5' from this project, but the math doesn't work...I guess it's not your ExMo!


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