Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy Dance, Part 4

My first order of business is sewing the woman in place, to make it easier to work with.  It's 2 feet wide, by 5 feet long.

Here is some free motion machine quilting on the lime green, just a preliminary run through, for sure.  Some the parts of her face have been done, and her hair.  I really enjoy doing the hair, because you can scribble with the needle and thread to make wild hair.

More free motion machine quilting around her feet.  I am working on this section by section now.

I enjoy drawing lines that flow, and leaves.  Pure free motion, no stitching lines with a pen.

Her shoe and the movement around it.  To give the appearance of dancing!
The very happy foot!

So happy that the lower portion is finished.  Now onto the mid-section and top!


  1. That is so fun and love the stitching you are doing.


  2. This is going to be one fab piece! I'm so glad we get to watch it evolve. Love the size!

  3. She is "Tres Jolie" . Love it.

  4. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! Free motion machine quilting doesn't have to be hard, just let it flow from you!


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