Friday, July 19, 2013

New Fun Foam Textures!

Shopping at Michael's for Fun Foam for workshop supplies, I stumbled across these great patterns!  They would be great for stamping on fabric.  I think they would be even better if they could be glued to another surface and used, because the imprint would be more pronounced.

Of course, I gravitated to the polka dot one first, and because I needed a gray subtle dot for a project I was working on.  I cut it in half, so it would be a more workable size

Painted it with acrylic paint, and stamped away!

Pretty darn easy, and I can use it again and again, even with dried paint on it!
This one will be fun with subtle lines.  Imagine the possibilities!

Bigger dots add alot of texture and interest to the fabric

Here are all of the textures that I used on this one piece

Green wavy lines are pretty fun!

Love the dots!


  1. Replies
    1. Yet another dimension we can add to some of our classes!

  2. No, No, No. I can't handle yet another idea. This is just too great. I have the paints, I live near a Michaels but alas my paints haven't been out of the basket for a year or two. Maybe a trip to Michaels will put me in the mood to put away the sewing machine for a while and try some arty work. Thanks, I think. LOL

    1. I know right? But, sometimes it's just good to do something out of the ordinary and have fun!

  3. Jamie is there a brand name to these? Im in UK and devise and mnake tactile learning resources for visually impaired children so am always on the look out for interesting tactle fabrics or craft materials. Maybe I could track it down to a UK supplier : )

    1. I do not know the brand name, but I would imagine that if you Google fun foam textures, they would come up.


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