Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sketchbook Pages

Taking the train to San Diego.  Sitting in the train station in Old Town.

I have sort of an obsession with Bunting flags and have a Pinterest board on this subject.  I think they are very 'happy.'


Textures, Teacups, Circles and Tulips
Then I found this old sketchbook in my studio.  I always write on the inside where I bought it and the year.  That's my former studio address.
It's kinda fun to revisit these old designs

These could make an interesting abstract quilt

This sort of reminds me of the extensive freeway interchanges in Los Angeles.  What are you drawing?


  1. LOVE this Jamie! Especially the tea cup one!

  2. Love your drawings, I wish I had the rest too do this.

  3. I took all my drawing materials and never got to do any drawing on our trip... I love your designs!


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