Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Year in Dream Studio

It's been one year since moving to my dream studio space.  Alot has changed inside.  This is where I began last year on my journey to my dream studio

Sewing area - looks so small

The first wall area that I set up, because the HandiQuilter was set up here, and it's not moving, unless I put wheels on the legs, which could happen

The inspiration wall begins with a few of my favorite things

Looking out to the front doors

Back truck door and painting area/office

Computer desk, which needed to be moved, to avoid the glare of the truck door

Looking through the space from the back

Bookshelves - not ever moving, because I was surprised that they even survived the move
Here we are today!

A place to hang with my friends, meet clients and create art

Creating a small gallery out of this corner section

Perhaps not enough room for the fabric stash, in the way that I want it to be displayed.  That is what I will work on next.

Computer area and large table for printing, light table, paper cutter.  Storage underneath

I so love being here!  I am so thankful for this space.  It is everything that I dreamed of. More changes to come as it evolves from project to project.  Happy one year anniversary to myself!  Yay!


  1. Yes! Happy anniversary! It looks more like a little store. I'm sure your friends love browsing!

  2. Wow - that looks amazing. Much nicer than my space which always seems to be in a mess! It must be a challenge to keep it all in check!

  3. I think I need a space away from my house and family, lol.
    I hide in my sewing room so it is quiet for me and usually they know if I am in there, do not disturb;)


  4. Lovely, creative, happy!!

  5. I have a question....getting ready to order some wool felt online for small art quilts (black, dark red, navy). What weight should I order? I found an online company that has several weights. Any recommendations?

  6. Lovely, creative, happy!!

  7. Lovely, creative, happy!!

  8. You deserve to be proud! Your studio is very inviting! Yeah for Red!!


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