Friday, August 09, 2013

Pokey's Pet Project

Had a little extra time, so I decided to make four dog postcards for Pokey's Pet Project for Festival in Houston.  I plan to make more, and this is just the start.  Above is before quilting.

After free motion machine quilting!
Two goof ball dogs who could be puttin on the ritz, if they had canes

Max,the goody two ears dog

Fifi La Rue, princess dog

Pepe, the red hot chili pepper dog


  1. Those are so fun and a nice idea to practice my machine skills and to use in our local shelter auction.


  2. Everything you do is inspiring to me! So many ideas to try! Marlynne

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Hi Jamie! I'm so happy I found you and your beautiful blog! I love your works! These dogs are so cute and fun! I'm Finnish woman living in Greece and blogging with my dog(s). Sunny wishes! I'll go to read more... x Teje

  4. Thank you so much, all these pets card are amazing, please can you share famous racing horse names related card


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