Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vacation in a Sketchbook

My family travels to Ashland, Oregon once a year to see plays, have meals together, hang out, read and walk.  This year, I decided to draw some of the things that I was experiencing, since the theme for this month on The Sketchbook Challenge is "journeys."  Above is all about flying to our destination.  This is the first time that we flew United to Medford, Oregon - and frankly I wouldn't recommend UA.

Painting watercolors with my daughter, morning coffee, Pelton House, and the play 'My Fair Lady,' which was divine.  We see plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Cocktails, the play 'Robin Hood,' breakfast, which is wonderful at Pelton House, and a trip to the Mix with my daughter for some coffee and lemon meringue pie

Pelton has a huge tree in their yard, with a swing.  Reading chair, dinner at Amuse, one of our favorite restaurants, and reading, one of our favorite things to do!

Sushi for dinner, kayaking, relaxation and blogging

There are three quilt stores in Ashland, all within walking distance from one another.  All great stores, offering a taste that is unique to their own store.  The Asland Co-op for lunch, highlights from the trip and having a farewell breakfast with our daughter at The Morning Glory, then off to the airport

Packed and ready to go.  Puddle Jumper United Express to San Francisco.  Once we landed in SF, we had to take a shuttle to another part of the airport, then walk miles to our gate.  It was utterly ridiculous.  I had requested a wheelchair for the SF airport, because it is hard for me to get around on my own two feet.  Not a chair to be seen.  And no time to wait, because we had to meet our connection to Orange County.  Talk about making it super hard.

details of some of my favorite things, so you can see them closer.  An afternoon spend in the yard at Pelton House, painting with watercolors with my daughter.

Nothing starts like day like having a cup of coffee and talking to the other B&B guests about the shows they saw the night before.  Coffee and good conversation!

My family loves to read and we visit the local bookstores in Ashland.  I generally read on a Kindle, but I love reading book covers at a bookstore.  I read The Lemon Orchard by Luanna Rice, The Silver Star by Jeanette Wells, and Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman

We took a float trip down the Rogue River, and three family members went by way of kayak.  It was relaxing a great fun!

We all had a great time!  Glad we went, and happy to be home again!  I love our family vacations!


  1. Great documentation of your journey! I love how the kayaks are overlapping. Do you draw in pencil first and then go over with marker or do you draw in marker? Do you use a Micron pen or something else?

  2. what a great way to document your trip. i didn't know you could even fly in to Ashland.

  3. What a wonderful way to document your journey and experiences, lots of ideas for future pieces.



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