Monday, September 16, 2013

Slide Carousel Re-Do

I have some slide carousels, from my parents house, that I couldn't for the life of me, figure out what to do with, until now.  They were calling my name.  
I had some color laser copies taken of the 'text' fabric, in my new fabric line "Home is Where Your Story Begins."  You can see a portion of it here, underneath the carousel, and in most of the photos that follow.  I measured around the carousel, hoping that the those words could easily fit.  With some tweaking, they did.  They were decoupaged onto the sides of the carousel with matte medium.
And if you know me, which you probably do by now, you know that I am obsessed with shipping tags.  So, for this project I trimmed the sides, so that they would easily fit into the slide compartments.  Using the color laser copies, I fussy cut out the objects and letters that I desired, and glued them onto each shipping tag.  I wrote my own messages.

Here is a sample of some here

and more here
You can see how they sit in the slide carousel

Positive affirmations, that i can read anytime, and remember who I am and where I started from

This was certainly an a-ha moment for me!  Just wished that I had saved more of these that I did. And this held the slides from Hawaii 1970.  I kept thinking of my parents when I was creating this.  What was old is new again!


  1. You are a bottomless well of inspiration and creativity. Thank you.

  2. Fantastic idea Jamie! People will be flocking to the thrift stores looking for slide carousels now! It would be a fun way to display your business cards at Quilt Festival too.

  3. You are just amazing. This is what creativity is: to do something no one else had think of yet.

  4. What a great use for those carousels! And a wonderful idea for those shipping tags (I've got reams of them myself).


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