Monday, September 23, 2013

TSC Blog Hop, Houses and Hideaways

Continuing on from The Sketchbook Challenge blog hop, this are the four focus fabrics in my line from Hoffman California Fabrics.   The line of fabric will debut at Quilt Market in Houston, and will be available in stores in 2014.  So excited!

Welcome to my dream studio - my hideaway from home!  My studio is in an industrial park, and my space is about 1,000 in one giant room, with high walls, a double front door and a truck door in the back.  My studio is not visible from the street, but is around the back of a strip center in Orange, California.  The Metrolink train runs on the tracks that are about 50 feet from my studio door.  I open the door to my studio in the morning and ask myself 'what can I create today?'  So thankful to have this space!
I have a painting area in the back, by the truck door, with good ventilation

Shelving, books, magazines, fabric, paint cabinet, artwork

Another view of the painting area, with supplies at my fingertips and my computer.  There are sheers over the truck door, so the flapping up you see, is a nice breeze.

A view from my design table to my fabric stash and beyond
Another view of my design area.

Looking from the front to the back!  I love all of the wall space that it has.  Room for all of my sewing machines, various tables, and mostly everything in the middle is on wheels, so it can be moved.  I am here Monday through Friday - all day. Let's crank up the music and get some art made!  Have a great day!


  1. oh wow. The space... gorgeous!

  2. Oh Jamie...such a wonderful hideaway....a treasure trove of delight. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Do you have a cot or something in case you work late?

  4. It is impossible to look at your artwork without bursting into happy grins. Thanks so much for brightening the world.

  5. I can only imagine that you are doing the "happy dance" over this wonderful space.


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