Thursday, October 17, 2013

Runs With Scissors

From my sketchbook, an idea for a new wall quilt for my booth at Quilt Market in Houston this Fall, to show off my new fabric line
I pre-fused all of my fabrics is Mistyfuse.  I am building my quilt on a FAT Goddess Sheet that is also made by Mistyfuse.  I have two of these that are side by side on my design table.  I cut some of the words apart to work with them more easily.

Here is the center piece, using the house fabric, black and white stripe and text fabric

The roof extension uses one of the coordinating fabrics - red triangles.  All Mistyfused into place.

Scissors are such an iconic symbol for anyone who sews. I used these black scissors to make a pattern

It's lookin' good!

Trying out the scale of the bunting that will go above.  I think I did about 2-3 takes on what size I should use.  Then I played around with the possibility of using a coffee cup and saucer in the roof section, instead of the scissors.

Well maybe put the scissors back and add the large cup and saucer on the lower portion, just like the drawing in my sketchbook.

I added the background, which is one of the focus fabrics - the flower landscape.  It a nice contrast to the house.

Finally decided that five bunting flags on the top would be good.  Then I added a row of cups and saucers (focus fabric) and fussy cut each one out, and fused them onto another coordinating fabrics - the blue circles.  I added the backing, which is red wool blended felt.  The color brings out the red in the attic piece.  This piece measures 20x32
I realized that my scissors were not showing up enough, so I removed it from the attic and fused it to a piece of black wool felt.  Fussy cut it out with my favorite Havel's scissors.  The coordinating fabric is the black triangles from my collection.

Now the star attraction really pops out.
Then, I threw caution to the wind and cut off the bunting flags and the cups and saucers on the lower portion, to focus in on the house.  It is now the shape of the wall quilt - like a house.  Way more fun!  Made some bunting flags out of the flags that were on the top, to hang somewhere.

Some details


Finished, with one extra addition - 18 wide x 23 long

a snap sewn onto the scissors.  Do you run with scissors?


  1. It looks wonderful and it is good to see how you build up the picture. I love Mistyfuse! It's very brave to chop a bit off, but I agree, it looks great with the house shape echoed.

  2. I love seeing your process. You are so creative and fearless!

  3. I am so happy that you run with scissors! I really enjoyed your creative process, and your fabric is glorious eye candy. I love the way you kicked the scissors up a notch too. That's a great tip that I'm sure come in handy.

    Have a delightful day Jamie!

  4. Jamie, I love seeing your ideas come to life as you walk us through the process of creating this. It's so bright and it!


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