Saturday, November 16, 2013

Studio Reorganization

After my frenzy of getting ready for Quilt Market and Festival, I decided that some parts of my studio just aren't working.  Take this shelf unit for instance, clear boxes of commercial fabrics by color.  This shelf needs to move somewhere else, and I really want to see all of my fabric on the shelves.

I have 2 bookcases, and I know that I need to clean out the books, notebooks, and stuff on these shelves.  I want to move the one on the left to where the wire shelf unit is.  I worry about moving it, since they are not stable.  They are wedged together between the cabinet with the glass doors and the paint cabinet.

I love this glass door cabinet that I bought in the 'as is' area of Ikea, years ago.  It's not moving.  So I will work around it.

I took everything off of the wire shelf, AND went through every clear box, taking out the fabrics that I still want, especially the polka dots.  My favorite commercial cottons are from Kaffe Fasset, Alexander Henry, and I have a very soft spot for some old South Seas Imports fabrics, which I will never part with. Making a separate section for commercial cottons that would be good to make a house quilt for The House Quilt Project.

The polka dot fabrics have their own section on the middle shelves.  This is actually a CD shelf, which is the perfect size for folded fabrics, especially fat quarters.  As I clean out more clear boxes of fabric, the polka dot section is growing!  Isn't this fun!

I moved all of my Batik fabrics to the white bookcase, because this is the group of fabrics that I use most.  I find it amazing how long it has taken me to realize what the bottom line is about my fabric choices.  Batiks mainly, and some commercial cottons.  The lower shelf is my fabric line, with are all commercial cottons, which go perfectly with Batiks!
And the new Hoffman Batiks, with the girls sitting on the same shelf.  Girl Scout doll was a gift from my friend, Michele Muska, that she gave to me at Quilt Market - I love it!  Barbie's - my alter ego sitting next to me with gray hair

The remaining bookcase has been cleaned out, and put back together with the books that I want to keep.  I moved a Iris Chest on wheels to put in the middle, which stores my zipper supplies.  I am thinking that I will put in another cd shelf in that small space.  It's not white, but it will be a good fit, just the same.

Cart will be cleaned up and moved somewhere else in my studio.  I love that it is on wheels.  This will become a storage cart for sewing machines, felting machine, irons, Mistyfuse, scissors, portable ironing pads, etc.

The paint room is an absolute mess.  It has become the drop and go area. I will tackle this next week.  I think this room will become smaller, making way for a large design area.  When the weather gets colder, this part of the studio is not where I am going to want to be.  It can be the hottest in the summer, and the coldest in winter, because of the truck door.

Computer, printer, and light box area is just okay, but all of the stuff on the floor needs to move somewhere else.  I would love to put a skirt around this table to hide the storage underneath.

My design table is a huge mess, and will most likely get cleaned up sooner, rather than later.  Need to make room for new projects

This is the purged pile of books, magazines and fabric. I am in the planning stages of having an Open Studio in early December.  It's good to clean out the supplies that I don't use!


  1. Good for you! It seems the more room we have, the more we spread out and then clutter happens! I know, my quilt area is a total disaster. I have to get to that area very soon. Paul K.

  2. In the middle of clean out, give yourself a break and spend an hour on a project. Enjoy finding all the things you forgot you had.

  3. Don't forget about your online friends when you're ready to get rid of your "purged" stuff! I would love to get my hands on some of your fabric! Oh, and great job your shelves full of neat fabrics:)


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