Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Shoes, The Shoes!

My decoupaged shoes and Doc Marten boots were all the rage at Quilt Market.  They were made with text fabric in my line by Hoffman Fabrics.
These are the products that I used to create these one of a kind shoes.  Liquitex Matte Medium as the glue, and Gloss Medium as the sealer.
This is the bright and vibrant text fabric from my collection "Home is Where Your Story Begins."  The text features words about sewing, loving what you do, the home text and colorful artwork of houses, spools of thread, cups and saucers, paint palettes and pure eye candy for the artist in all of us.
I started with a pair of Doc Marten boots, that had dots on them. I could have roughed them up a bit before embarking on this project, but felt that the dots, that were little fluffs, would make it easier for the matte medium and fabric to adhere to.  These are sturdy leather boots, which make it easier to decoupage on.  A lightweight leather that bends easily, would not work. I cut out the fabrics one by one, creating a landscape of words and artwork, sort of like a puzzle.
With a one inch flat brush, I painted on the Matte Medium, then carefully placed the works and artwork into place.  Fabric is very forgiving, so you can stretch it into place where you want it to go.  It is very important to get a really good adhesion under the fabric first, before swabbing the Matte Medium over the top.
In some places, it could be trickier to get the fabric into place.  I cut some small slices in this flower (sort of like darts when making a garment), to it could fit over the toe.  I also used the Hoffman black and white stripe to add some an accent to the art
The word 'Artist" fit perfecting on the back spine of the boot

I carefully cut the black and white stripe fabric over the grommet section of the shoe, and then decided to just paint the other side with black acrylic paint, to make it easier.
Fiber Artist.  I was particularly happy with this part of the shoes.  When the boots were completely dry, I painted about 2 coats of the Liquitex Gloss Medium, careful to let them dry before the next coat. 
Outsides of the boots

Inner sides of the boots

The shoes are Alegria Paloma.  I wear this brand everyday! They are sturdy, like the boots in construction, have wide areas in which to fit the text, which is a must.

I cut out each word and piece of artwork, just like the boots. They are wearable, but I wouldn't recommend wearing them in the rain.
So happy with how they turned out.  Who said fabric is just for sewing and quilting?  I say "Imagine the Possibilities"


  1. Oh my goodness, those are the cutest things I've seen in a long time!

  2. I saw these at market and was amazed. Thanks for sharing how you made them.

  3. love them, they would be such fun to wear.

  4. Your shoes are absolutely awesome! As is your fabric. Can't wait to hold it in my hands. I am sure you will keep us up to date when and where it is for sale :-)

  5. I want the shoes and the material...simply to die forxx

  6. Love your fabric shoes! Bet would work on a purse too!

  7. I love, love, LOVE them! Wish I had seen you in Houston so I could have pet them, LOL!


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