Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Artist Play Date in my Studio

I had a rare treat a couple of weeks ago, my friend Leslie Tucker Jenison flew in for a family wedding and stayed with us.  We had one morning to play in the studio.  We worked on some drawing and collage art for The Sketchbook Challenge theme for January.  We had pattern pieces, newspapers, ephemera, StencilGirl stencils, paint, glue and fun!  This is what I started with.  A piece of watercolor paper, the word 'authentic' and pattern paper.
I used Liquitex Matte Medium to adhere all of the paper and tissue.  After it was dry, I started to add in colored Washi paper and some stencil designs to add another layer of interest and color.

Then I added the color red - more stencil designs all by StencilGirl.  Click here to view website

Paint, a small tag with a dress on it - went with a pattern dress theme.

and the color 'black' which brings it all together.  Painting and drawing on the shapes that were already there, but just needed to be brought out more.  "Play"
Then I found this in my pile of watercolors.  It is a mock up of a quilt, in ink and watercolor, with notes written on the side.  So, I added the transparent pattern piece, and some red Washi paper
Then I added some other elements, such as stencil designs in red. StencilGirl 'industrial fence' designed by me. Go here to see their website.  Washi paper in yellow.

I drew some triangles on the top, added some more pattern elements and text

A view of the work table.  You can view Leslie's post on her blog here.  We do all sorts of things together, like co-curate shows, have a cooking blog, I design stencils for StencilGirl, and she is part of the design team that shows readers really creative ways in which to use stencils in art work, and we also teach together on occasion, and we are both part of The Sketchbook Challenge

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