Sunday, March 30, 2014

Shopping Bag Re-Do with Stencils

As many of you know, I design stencils for StencilGirl Products.  But this week, I decided that I needed a nice supply of stencils from SG that were designed by other artists, to add to my collection.  I have this small Nordstrom bag from buying myself a nice bottle of perfume.  It has a black handle, which goes perfect with my artwork.  Here is my paint table, with stencils, the bag and a Jacquard Textile paint.

Here is the bag, that I painted with Gesso, one coat to cover up the Nords insignia, on all sides

One side of the bag using "Crackle" by Nathale Kalbach - love this!

I really like the look and feel of this.  And black and white is just so classic!

This is right up my alley - polka dots!  "What's the Point" by Nathale Kalbach

Now I could just stop here, because I love the two sides so much.

However, I've done some stenciling on Deli Paper, you know the kind you get wrapped around your sandwich at the deli? Yes, you can paint on it, stencil on in, and it's fun to play with.  So, I've printed some words using the "Vintage Typewriter Alphabet," and the "What's the Point,?" stencils and just some random brush strokes in red.

I cut everything up into smaller squares

Using Matte Medium and a brush, I layered the squares all over the bag.  The cool thing is that you can see all the way down to the first layer.  Now isn't that the greatest????  So much fun to play with.

Runs with Scissors



rebel quilter.  and now I have a great bag to put an amazing gift in for a friend!  Here is the link for StencilGirl Products, because I know you are going to want to buy some stencils.  I bought the Deli wrap at Smart n'Final (a restaurant supply and grocery store)

My paint table which has become my new cover for my Facebook page!  Now go make some art!


  1. Love how that came out and such a great idea for repurposing bags.


  2. Love how it looks, Jamie! I'm going to have to get the vintage typewriter alphabet!

  3. This bag is FAB-U-LOUS! Those colors pop! Such great step-by-step too!

  4. I love this bag! Now I just have to go to Nordstrom. Where did you get the vintage letters? Is that a stencil or stamps. Thank you for sharing this and for the step by step.


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